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​It all started with a Facebook post in regards to making a difference and becoming part of a positive change in our beloved city of Petersburg, Va. In the conversation, we spoke of the recent killings (which felt almost daily), how kids are growing up with no role models, and the lack of recreational programs like we once had. Another common issue we noticed was the struggle that created an increase in homelessness over the years, seeing this led me to find a way to help and I began to take action.

In the winter months of 2020, we recalled people sleeping on church steps as we would drive on to Washington Street from I-95. Shortly after we created an online chat called "Feed The City" where we soon found out the very same church would feed those less fortunate in the mornings. As the online chat community grew bigger, we decided that every evening when our manpower was the strongest, we would provide the meals at night while the church continued to provide meals in the morning. Upon the success of the nightly meals, a snowstorm approached that winter. Thinking on our feet, we were able to raise money to get hotel rooms for those less fortunate and provide a meal all in one!

At this moment we realized that outreach is very achievable. Many meetings later around March of 2021, P.O.U.R was born as a Nonprofit organization. Upon forming the company we learned anything is possible by learning, educating, and teaching each other all while helping those in need. Since we started our journey and through God’s grace, we have been able to set up in hotels, motels, parking lots, etc, and provide items such as clothing, food, and care packages. We were also blessed to work with the Tri-City community outreach to do a Thanks Giving Dinner and giveaway. Around Christmas of 2021, we also took pride in adopting children individually and as a group and joined with "Stop the Violence" and "Against All Odds" MC  to do a giveaway for the kids. God willing we plan to continue what we started and become a strong resourceful force in the Tri-City area all while putting God first 🙌❤!

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